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Zains father from Lucknow

From Mark's Mum, Kenya

Hello Doc? Its Marks Mum from Kenya. Hope you are all fine, Mark is progressing so nice, I'm happy to hear him calling me Mum, thanks so muchn b blessed, greet Dr. Anup.

(Mark underwent Cochlear Implant surgery under our care last year.)  

Dec 2015

Steve & Grace Kittur

PO Box 4969

Eldoret, 30100


Dr. Shomeshwar Singh,

THE ENT Clinic

New Delhi, India

Dear Sir,

On behalf of our son, Wieland, and the entire family, we would like to express our sincere gratitude for the positive experience and extra ordinary care you provided us in your ENT clinic. Born into Africa and diagnosed with bilateral sensorineural hearing loss meant that our son was likely going to spend the rest of his life outside the world of sound. Thankfully we got you to explain his condition to us and provide sufficient treatment options that greatly eased our anxiety. From the very first day, we knew we had found a genuine and compassionate doctor with the qualities we so much hoped for. It made us feel we were in very safe hands.

Your kindness, friendliness, and especially your exceptional ability to almost read our anxious minds was deeply comforting. From the beginning to the end, you demonstrated a sincere commitment to provide our son with the best available treatment at the least possible cost. After the operation, it has been greatly reassuring whenever you call or email to check on Wieland’s condition. As a family, we are more than excited with the final outcome. Through your gifted hands, Wieland can now say papa, mom and responds to basic verbal instructions! Knowing how far we’ve come, we couldn’t ask for more! You have positively enhanced Wieland’s quality of life and his general sense of wellbeing for which we are all eternally grateful.

May we also say that your staff and the entire ENT Clinic team are professional, pleasant and knowledgeable. During the Switch-on, MAPPing and Speech Therapy sessions, the staff was to us a trusted family. They gladly attended to us, answered all our questions to our satisfaction and lived up to their word to keep in touch with us wherever we are. We appreciate your starting us off on this hearing journey that will indeed dramatically impact the lives of Africa’s children whose parents hitherto have no idea that hearing loss is a correctable disability.

Again thank you for the wonderful experience. We will always commend and recommend your excellent services at THE ENT clinic. May the Almighty continue to bless your gifted hands to touch more lives the way you’ve touched ours.

Very Sincerely,

Steve & Grace

November 2015

I had this rare condition which was troubling me. I didn't know what it was. The ENT Clinic unraveled it for me. These are very knowledgable qualified Doctors and Audiologists at The ENT Clinic. I strongly recommend them.  


Dr Singh has now started this walk in clinic from 5-7pm on week days. The charges at this clinic are much lesser. We can now easily come here without worrying about costs. We truly appreciate this initiative. 

Rohit - September 2015

Great Doctor - To the point and no nonsense attitude. Keep it up

November 2015 - NEW SIGNAGE

I love the new The ENT Clinic signage - you can see it so clearly at night - wish you could help the parking situation. I know a valet helps but we want more :)

Sarda - Sept 2015

Thanks a lot for helping us with our condition. We realised after chatting with you that we finally understand the problem and now it will be much easier to deal with this.

Singh - October 2015

Dr S Singh and his team operated on me for a hole in my ear drum - it has been totally successful. My ear drum is now intact and I can hear well. All thanks to Dr Singh.

Clarius 2010

I was diagnosed with profound hearing loss after an attack of mumps when i was fourteen. Hearing aids offered next to nil assistance and interactions were without the usual fluidity, until i got to know about cochlear implants online. For obvious reasons, i was very particular about choice of doctor for the implant, but Dr. Shomeshwar singh's impressive credentials reasured me. I went in for bilateral: 3rd of feb and 2nd of march 2010 respectively. Then i was usherd into the world of sound upon activation of the external devices. At first, the regimen of listening exercises appeared daunting. But gradually and with zeal for hearing, as i was told, i am able to hear all sounds with impressive degree of clarity. I am very grateful to god and to Dr. Shomeshwar singh, whose professional acumen made the difference.

Chief Clarius Iheanacho Ugwuoha

Community Head, Mgbara, Egbema Kingdom, IMO state, Nigeria
Chemical engineer/chemist supervisor, production chemistry department, shell pet. Dev. Company, Nigeria limited.
Phone:  +2347032563371

Mohit - August 2015

Dr Shomeshwar did my Cochlear Implant Surgery. I can now hear well. I cant thank him enough. I know he has done 100s of these in India and UK. Results speak for themselves.

Sobhna - November 2015

Dr Singh is a genuine ENT Doctor - he will tell you that you dont need surgery when you dont need it. That is a rare quality in a Practitioner today.