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Asian Cochlear Implant Surgical Instruction Course - ACIC


Next ACIC - 6th Asian Cochlear Implant Surgical Instruction Course 2019 has been announced. 

 VENUE: A7 Neeti Bagh, New Delhi 49, INDIA. 
DATES: To be fixed mutually once four participants have finalised.

COST - INR100,000 + Phacon temporal bone for dissection (27000) + GST (22860)

(If you are keen to attend, send us an e mail -

The Asian Cochlear Implant Surgical Instruction Course - ACIC, aims at training interested surgeons in Cochlear Implant Surgery skills and all related subjects such as Radiology of Temporal bones, Audiology etc.  

The ACIC has conducted Five courses in the recent past. These were hands on, one on one instruction courses where Surgeons performed temporal bone drilling and implantation exercises on Phacon temporal bones. The course lasted 2.5 days and comprised of exhaustive lectures, workshops and temporal bone drilling. All the candidates left feeling very confident of their newly acquired skill of cochlear implant surgery. Most surgeons performed independent surgery in their own centres within 6 months.

The ACIC Courses are not mere demonstrations of live surgery etc. They are very detailed and all steps of surgery are discussed threadbare. The course trains you in the Posterior tympanotomy approach to cochlear implantation - the standard minimal surgical incision technique which does not require using stay sutures or disturbing the middle ear structures like ear drum etc. The course aims to develop your confidence in handling all situations in cochlear implant surgery, especially with respect to facial nerve, insertion of electrode etc.

The course is supported by Cochlear Australia, Advanced Bionics USA and Medel Austria. You should be able to interact with their Product Specialists over working lunches and dinners.  

Course Director, Dr Shomeshwar Singh MS DLO FRCS MD, is a popular Mentor Surgeon with surgeons and industry and travels all over India helping Surgeons do cochlear implant surgery well and getting out of difficult situations if they were to arise. If you are interesting in getting help with starting your Program, feel free to call him at +91 9958725553 or e mail You could also get in touch with your local Cochlear / AB Rep and discuss the options with them.

Dr Singh believes only in the Posterior Tympanotomy approach and not in the Veria technique. Alternative techniques like the trans canal Veria approach have a very limited role in anatomical anomalies which are very rare. The main reason why US and UK and 99% Cochlear Implant Surgeons world wide prefer the standard Posterior Tympanotomy approach is the established safety profile of the same. Published complication rates with this surgical technique are about 1.5% and most well trained Surgeons have less than 1% complications. With the Veria technique, this complication rate rises to about 20-25 %. Common complications are perforations and retractions of the ear drum as well as complications arising from long incisions crossing the hair line, with the inability to suture the incision in the ear canal as well as those arising from handling the electrodes. The initial short learning curve in the absence of systematic training is the reason for Surgeons in India to prefer the Veria technique sometimes, but we recommend adopting standard practices as they are world wide which is the posterior tympanotomy approach.  


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